About AT

The Alexander Technique is an intelligent way to solve tension-related body problems. It is an educational process that helps you better understand how your body works in movement, so you can use it in a healthier and more efficient way in the activities of everyday living.

We all have unique patterns of movement and posture that have built up over a lifetime. Without realizing it, most people have picked up ways of sitting, standing, walking, and bending that are fighting the natural design of their body. Very often these ways of moving are a major cause of chronic aches and pains, posture problems, and feelings of excess tension and strain.

During lessons in the Alexander Technique, your teacher will help you discover what it is about your movement style that is contributing to or causing problems throughout your body. Through dialogue and gentle hands-on work, you will learn how to recognize and change habits of excess tension and compression so you can move and live with greater ease and comfort. As you start to undo these tensions that have built up over a lifetime, you will learn how to encourage the natural reflexes that support healthy upright posture, balance, and movement. Unlike many modalities that only seek to eradicate symptoms, the Alexander Technique seeks to uncover the root cause of problems and give you a lasting, ongoing solution.

The Alexander Technique can help you become aware of and change patterns of excess tension and reaction that are interfering with what you do, putting excess wear and tear on your bones, muscles, and joints. Since the AT work looks at fundamental principles of human movement it can be applied to any activity, from basic sitting or walking to playing a musical instrument or doing yoga. It gives you lifelong tools to understand and care for your own body in whatever you do, so you can stop working against yourself and become free of pain, strain, and limitation.

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