About Colin

I first discovered the Alexander Technique while looking for a solution to years of injury problems related to playing the guitar. During this time I tried many things, some of which offered temporary relief, but as soon as I went to play guitar again the pain would come back pretty quickly. After studying the Alexander Technique privately in several provinces, I learned how to recognize and prevent the things I was doing with my body that were causing the problems in the first place and freed myself from years of chronic injury issues.

After becoming fascinated with this work and its potential to be applied to and improve any human activity, I wanted to learn how to share it with other people. I graduated from the three-year, 1600-hour teacher training program at the Vancouver School of the Alexander Technique in 2013 and am certified by the Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. I am continually amazed by the potential of the Alexander work to help people solve problems in their life, feel more at ease with themselves, and perform at their best. I teach in Victoria, British Columbia.

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