For Yoga

People typically bring their habits and patterns of movement to whatever they do, including their yoga practice. It is possible to do yoga in a way that gently stretches your muscles and improves fitness, flexibility, balance, peace of mind, and brings many other benefits. It is also possible to practice yoga in ways that exaggerate existing patterns of tension, push your muscles too far too quickly, put your spine and joints in extreme ranges of motion, and to actually cause pain and injury.

Alexander Technique study can help compliment and enhance your yoga practice by helping you understand some general principles about human movement based on the realities of how our movement system works. AT study can empower you to make intelligent choices and move with maximum ease and minimum strain, to choose how far you may want to take certain poses, or when you may want to decide that a certain pose or sequence just doesn’t work for you right now. This way you can make sure you are getting the most out of your yoga practice, and that you can continue to do so without injuring yourself in the process.

Because the Alexander Technique looks at fundamentals of human movement in general, what we explore in lessons can help you move with more grace and poise not only on the mat, but also at the computer, at work, in the kitchen, the grocery store, or whatever else you do during the day. No need to limit the fluid movements to just the yoga room.

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Below is a short video by Joan Arnold about how Alexander Technique can help compliment and enhance your yoga practice: