In General

Alexander Technique lessons can help with things such as:

  • Reducing back and neck pain
  • Repetitive strain injuries such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel
  • Improving posture and poise
  • Reducing stress and excess tension
  • Sitting more comfortably at computers
  • Enhancing performance in playing musical instruments
  • Complimenting other modalities such as yoga and meditation

Pain and tension

People often have overall habitual ways of moving during their day that involve excess tension, collapse, and putting unnecessary wear and tear on their body and joints. Over time these ways of moving can contribute to or cause pain, tension and injury. The Alexander Technique can help people learn to stop doing damage to themselves as they go about their daily activities, and to live with more ease and balance. It is especially helpful for pain management since it does not just seek to get rid of the symptoms and hope that they don’t return. It gives you tools to become aware of and understand the underlying causes, so that you can learn to care for yourself, prevent recurrences, and not be dependent on someone else to fix you. Since AT is an educational practice, it can be used and applied as a compliment to other treatments a person may be taking.


You are the instrument that you use to do whatever it is you do. Skilled and demanding activities can often be improved by bringing more awareness to how you use your whole body to move and create. Performers such as musicians and public speakers often study Alexander Technique as a way to improve performance, confidence, deal with performance nerves, and prevent injuries among other things. The greater understanding you have over how your mind and body interact to create movement, the more control you will have in your craft.

General Health and Wellness

Our habits of posture and movement greatly affect how we feel and how we present ourselves to the world. Alexander Technique gives people powerful tools for discovering and and liberating themselves from patterns of movement that interfere with the optimal functioning of their body. Many students experience a new sense of pleasure in everyday movement when they begin to free up from old habits of contraction. Because the subject of study is the human system itself and how you balance, move, and respond to the demands of life, the principles of the Technique really can be applied to anything. Office workers often take lessons to deal with the challenges of long hours sitting or at a computer. Those wanting to improve their posture often enjoy learning how to work with the architecture of their body instead of against it. In general if you are curious as to how you may be able to do things in a more intelligent and healthier way and feel more at ease mentally and physically, you could likely benefit from Alexander Technique study. To learn about what lessons are like, go here.